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Earn Money acquired by
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Today marks the signing of the Earn Money Software moving to Manchester Entertainment Holding Limited
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Manchester Entertainment acquires Earn Money and Desktop Mining
Today, Wednesday, July 11, 2018, has become a very big and important day, with Manchester Entertainment Holdings Limited announcing the great news that they have confirmed the recent acquisition of both Earn Money Network (earnmoney.network) and Desktop Mining (desktopmining.net), with the decision to marry the two companies together. With this in mind, there is no denying that this is a great move, with both Earn Money Network and Desktop Mining complimenting each other in a great way, while also expanding their already impressive online presence.

In order to signal this launch, we are going to release a brand new version of the Earn Money Network Software, which is going to include our publisher certification and will bring a positive increase of confidence towards the network. We would recommend that all of the current users head over and download the brand new version 6 of the software today, in order to make sure that they get an enhanced experience.

With the acquisition of Earn Money Network and Desktop Mining, and by bringing them together at Manchester Entertainment Holdings Limited, we have put a plan in place to roll out around a dozen new features in the coming months. This will enable both Earn Money Network and Desktop Mining to become much faster and much more precise than ever before, resulting in improvement.

As we now put our focus on the future, we are aiming to bolster the number of people who apply to work on Earn Money Network and Desktop Mining, by increasing the number of jobs that we have available and the number of work opportunities within the software. This will be done by providing a lot more work resources to the existing team and by building more affiliations with external companies.

There is currently over half a million users on both the Desktop Mining and Earn Money Network when you combine the two platforms. A considerable amount of investment is going to be made to ensure exponential growth is achieved in the shortest possible time. Manchester Entertainment Holdings Limited aims to take the user base to over 10 million from this current level. This will be done as we look to grow the aforementioned opportunities and aim to expand how the software works and how it functions. We are looking to further incentify our user base in order to bring in more users to the platform, by making use of the users spare resources.

As we are now making the transition of bringing Earn Money Network and Desktop Mining over to Manchester Entertainment Holdings Limited, we have ensured that this will not have any sort of impact on any of the payouts, the availability, or the way in which things are currently working on both platforms.

During this transition period, both of the existing teams from Earn Money Network and Desktop Mining will be brought over to Manchester Entertainment Holdings Limited and will be merged in order to begin working on both operations. The current head of support for Earn Money Network, Joe Welsh, said “The acquisition of Earn Money and Desktop Mining will bring synergies to the existing operations and the portfolios of our products. We have had previous experiences working with Desktop Mining, so this merger makes perfect sense to all involved.”
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